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As a champion of excellence in hardscaping within the Western region, we are excited to offer you a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services through our esteemed newsletter.

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Banner Ad. Use the banner to display anything you like. From products, to offers, to services, the space is yours to use!

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News & Updates Feature. Showcase your a new product or store with this placement. It includes a photo, 5-word headline, 50 word description, and a link to your website.

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Class/Webinar Feature. Display your logo, class date, location, a 50-word description.

Logo dimensions: 125×100 pixels or 4:3 ratio.


A Bridge to Our Audience

Our newsletter stands as a vibrant junction where hardscape enthusiasts, professionals, designers, contractors, and suppliers converge. With each issue, we unite a community that’s passionate about transforming outdoor environments, bringing them the latest trends, techniques, and innovations. By aligning your brand with our newsletter, you gain direct access to a captive audience deeply invested in hardscaping’s creativity and craftsmanship.

Your Brand, Our Stage

Whether you’re an established industry leader or a burgeoning entrepreneur, our newsletter provides the perfect stage to showcase your brand’s unique offerings. By advertising with us, you’ll tap into a space where your message resonates with those who truly understand and appreciate the value of hardscaping. From artisanal stonework to sustainable outdoor solutions, your brand’s story will find a receptive audience within our community.

Elevate Your Reach

Through our carefully curated content and engaged readership, your advertisement will reach those who actively seek innovation, inspiration, and the tools to shape breathtaking hardscape designs. The Western Hardscape Association’s newsletter is more than just pages – it’s a catalyst for growth, a canvas for creativity, and a conduit for connections.

We invite you to explore the various advertising options we have meticulously crafted to suit your needs. Join us in advancing the art of hardscaping and making an indelible mark on landscapes across the Western region.